The assortment below features handmade ties in 100% silk - in Jacquard woven or printed fabrics. Choose from twill, satin, and Jacquard weave. All handmade silk ties below are in stock and most designs are also available as silk pocket squares, bow ties, and other men's accessories.

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Types of Silk

Did you know that it takes about 245,000 feet of individual silk thread to make a silk tie? That is enough to cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge almost 60 times. It is not surprising that this super thin and fine thread, spun into yarns, makes one of the softest and smoothes natural fabrics - one that is used on men's ties, ladies scarves, luxury PJs and some high end home goods. 

Most of these silk yarns are woven into a smooth satin fabric or twill fabric. Twill is slightly less shiny and has fine ribbed texture. It is the most common fabric used on a men's silk tie. Besides that, there are dozen other weaves such as chiffon, raw silk threads, pique, and others.

Fabric Blends & Finishes

The collection above shows not only all ties made from 100% silk, but also ties made from a blended fabric using other natural fibers such as linen, wool, and cotton. These fabric blends have become very popular on men's ties as they allow for different textures and finishes. Besides woven fabrics, we offer silk ties in handprinted (also know as silk screen print) as well as digital prints. If you want more of the embroidered look and a more textured feel, then the woven fabric is right for you. Want a tie with lots of intricate details on the print (think about detailed paisley or florals), then a printed fabric is the way to go.