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Dress Code for Slim Ties

Matching slim ties does take some additional consideration. Most important are the lapels on the jacket. As a general rule: The narrower the lapels the skinnier the necktie should be. Almost as important as the lapels is the type of tie knot. Slim ties look best with smaller and narrower tie knots. Excellent is the asymmetric shape and smaller size of the simple Four-in-Hand knot. Finally, there is the person wearing the tie. If you are stocky and have a short neck then slim ties may not be a great choice for your body type. Slim neckties look best on thin and tall men setting perfect proportion to the narrow tie with the slim suit lapels and the fitted suit cut. For more information you may also want to read our article on: 7 Rules for Skinny Ties. The modern and trendy look of the slim necktie is also perfectly matched with the use of Tie Bars – an accessory that recently has become quite popular. Tie Bars slide in between the tie and the shirt. When pairing a slim tie with a tie bar make sure that the length of the tie bar compliments the narrow width of the slim tie. Tie bars for slim ties should be 2.25 – 2.75 inches in length. We at suggest you have a look at our selection of Tie Bars.

Tying a Narrow Necktie

The narrow necktie is tied just like any other tie. For the most popular ways to tie a necktie please visit our tutorial on How to Tie a Necktie. The best tie knots for skinny ties are small in size and have a longer rather than triangular shape. Excellent choices are the Four in Hand knot, the half Windsor tie knot, as well as the Prince Albert.