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Wine & Burgundy

Wedding fabric swatches in wine and burgundy reds. Each swatch shown is available as a wide range of men's accessories such as neckties, bow ties, suspenders, hankies, vests, cufflinks, and more. Click on your favorite one for more information.

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WATTERS' Charcoal:We at Bows-N-Ties took a closer look at WATTERS charcoal in Lace. As one would expect, it is a dark and elegant hue that pairs exceptionally well with white, all off-whites, black, as well as most pastels. Because we carry such a wide assortment of charcoal ties that would compliment this hue, we only decided to feature those ties above that are the most popular choices for wedding parties that we have dressed in the past. Not seeing the perfect tie you had pictured? Then take a look at all our silver & charcoal ties HERE.Groom & Groomsmen TipsNeed style tips and dress advice for your wedding? Whether you are getting married yourself or are in the wedding party, here are some helpful links you might like:Black Tie Dress CodeGroomsman Style HacksGuide to Wearing Boutonniere