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Tie Bars & Ties

Why is there a need to add a tie bar to a necktie? Initially tie bars were invented to prevent the necktie from dangling around too much. Besides tie bars, fashion designers invented other accessories serving the same purpose such as tie clips, pins, and chains. Today, classic tie bars and tie clips are most popular. Their sleek and simple design is a perfect accessory for the man seeking a new and stylish accessory for suit & tie. The tie bar will earn lots of style points without breaking the bank.

Best Outfits for Tie Bars

Tie bars look best when paired with contemporary suits, shirts, and ties. If you are looking for the “GQ look” then the tie bar is a must have accessory. We suggest you pair the tie bar with slim ties (neckties with a width of less than 2.75 inches at the widest part), European cut suits with narrow lapels, and fitted dress shirts with a narrower and shallow collar.