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Not just one Turquoise Color:

Mixing the primary colors of yellow with cyan (blue) creates the color turquoise. Obviously the more cyan is added the more blue the color will appear – teal-blue is a classic example. Adding white and black further lightens or darkens the color shade. White usually gives the shade of turquoise more of a pastel color shade while black creates more of a steel-blue color.

Turquoise Ties in Weddings

Shades of teal have always been a popular wedding color. We know how tricky it can be to match ties to your bridesmaids dresses and even though we do our best showing the true and accurate colors in our product photos, we recommend you also browse our teal/turquoise fabric swatches - all of which are available as neckties, bow ties, pocket square, and more.

Ways to Wear the Turquoise Tie:

Turquoise is tricky to match to other colors besides the classics: white, gray, charcoal, and black. Although turquoise does contain the primary colors blue and yellow, matching turquoise to such colored dress shirts can be a hit or miss. We recommend putting the outfit together on a flat surface before deciding to wear it. Start with the largest piece of clothing, the suit, and lay it on your bed. Then take a dress shirt that matches in color and pattern and place it inside the suit jacket. Then, pick your turquoise colored tie and place it on the shirt. How does it look? If you think the colors are not in contrast but in harmony then go ahead and wear the outfit you just put together. If you are uncertain then the classic white dress shirt, and light gray suit are prefect choices for the turquoise color necktie. For shoes and belt usually black is better suited than brown.

The Psychology of Turquoise and Aqua:

Turquoise and aqua are lighter greenish-blue colors. It is not surprising to find that turquoise shares the feelings that both green and blue bring out in people. Turquoise is both calming, as well as cheerful. Turquoise is said to be in inspirational color that evokes creative thought in people. In fashion turquoise, is much more common in women's wear than it is for men. In addition, it is a color that is predominately worn in the spring.