Groomsmen Ties in “Canary” Yellow

Below we have highlighted the ties in our collection that coordinate best with Alfred Angelo's Canary Yellow. We have compared fabric swatches with our selection of ties to give you the most accurate recommendations.

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More Ties in Lemon, Yellow, Amber, and GoldWant to see more? Take a peek at our vast selection by clicking on Yellow and Gold Ties. We have a huge variety of bowties, neckties, and pocket squares in solids, stripes, paisley, and any imaginable patterns. If you just cannot choose a favorite (Which we understand because we have so many stunning ties to choose from!), we suggest ordering one of each contender so that you may compare them in person to find that perfect tie and return the unworn ties for a full refund.Best Ways to Pair Other Popular Bridal Hues to “Canary”Canary yellow is pretty self-explanatory. It's a bright, saffron yellow that looks fabulous in spring, summer, and fall. Think lemons on the Amalfi Coast or sunflowers dotting the Tuscan countryside in the summer. However, you will find that the Alfred Angelo version of canary yellow is much brighter than its muted counterpart from David's Bridal. Paired monochromatically with varying shades of yellow, it looks great for a springtime soiree, while playing up a pop of yellow by pairing it with gray for a modern event is ideal in the summer. Though not traditionally a fall color, when paired with navy blue, canary yellow becomes chic and decidedly autumn. It looks just as appropriate in a rustic barn as it does in a swanky ballroom.