Men’s Ties Matching Your Cayenne Colored Dress

Below are several of our favorite ties that match Alfred Angelo's “Cayenne” colored bridesmaids dresses. Each tie was paired to the actual fabric swatch.

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Cayenne, a Closer Look:Alfred Angelo's “Cayenne” is a brown with a red undertone. That being said, we think that the name “Cayenne” perfectly describes this color. Other common names for very similar hues are Cinnamon or Spice. We at Bows-N-Ties like this color especially for the late summer and autumn months. It looks great when paired with accents in ivory, peach, tangerine, and persimmon. More Choices of Similar Hued TiesThe collection above only shows our best matching pieces for Alfred Angelo's “Cayenne”. Because we were quite picky in our color matching, the selection is a bit limited. Should a perfect match be not as important to you, then please also browse all our Brown Colored Ties.