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Ties Complementing Alfred Angelo’s “Celadon”

Searching for the right necktie or bowtie to pair with your Alfred Angelo Celadon dresses? See our top picks for the best matches to this color below.

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Other Green Ties Similar to Alfred Angelo's CeladonThe ties featured above were selected after comparing them with the Alfred Angelo fabric swatch as the ties that most closely mimicked that color. However, Celadon works nicely when paired with varying shades of green. Browse our entire collection of Light Green Ties and Dark Green Ties to see a wide variety of solid, striped, and patterned ties. We also offer Extra Long Ties and Kids Ties to dress each member of your event. We feature a plethora of matching neckties, bowties, and pocket squares to ensure that your bridal party looks dashing.Our Favorite Accent Hues for Celadon GreenCeladon green is a pale tint of Spring Green sometimes referred to as sea green. This color was made for beach weddings. Think sea glass and gauzy drapes flowing in the wind. When combined with pale pink, it is one of the most popular choices for garden inspired weddings because of its muted and delicate nature. Celadon green looks fabulously chic when paired with a black suit and demure and soft when worn with a gray or cream suit. This color is best suited to the burgeoning blooms of springtime and summer.