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Wedding Neckties in “Clover” Green

We have compared the Alfred Angelo Clover Green fabric swatch with our inventory of ties to suggest the ties below which most closely resemble this color. So, if you are looking for the coordinating Clover green ties for your Clover colored dress, then you will find a variety of great options here.

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More Ties in Kelly, Grass, Shamrock, and CloverIf you would like to browse of entire collection of neckties, bowties and pocket squares in various shades of green, check out our sections listed as Light Green Ties and Dark Green Ties.Dressing in “Clover” for Any SeasonThink deep sage green, not St. Patrick's Day. Alfred Angelo's Clover is a very popular wedding color mainly because it goes so well with a variety of accent colors. Perhaps it is even subconsciously chosen for its psychological effects: its soothing and calming nature. Haven't you ever noticed how your mood changes in a space filled with bright, loud colors versus a room with calming, pale colors? Sage green is best paired with pale colors: pinks, creams, greys, and yellows. A stylish suiting choice would be a gray suit with a Clover green tie for more casual events or a black suit with a Clover green tie for a more formal reception.