Ties Complementing Alfred Angelo’s “Lipstick”

Below are several elegant ties that are a perfect complement to your “Lipstick” red bridesmaids dresses. Click on your favorite lipstick colored tie below to see a larger image and to get tips on how to best match the tie to shirt and suit.

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More Bright Red Ties & BowtiesIn addition to the collection of lipstick colored ties above, we carry many more Bright Red Ties. In fact we carry so many red ties that we decided to group them into three categories: Bright Red Ties, Red Ties, and Burgundy Ties. Besides a nice selection of solid designs, we offer almost any pattern imaginable by several designer brands.Accenting “Lipstick” with Other Bridal Colors“Lipstick” is a powerful and bright color that is best paired with lighter and softer shades. A classic and elegant combination for Lipstick is white and slight off-whites such as cream and ivory. Want a little bit of added color? Then give your favorite light blue a try!