Ties Complementing Alfred Angelo’s “Moonlight Waltz”

Looking for silver/taupe colored ties that compliment your “Moonlight Waltz” colored bridesmaids dresses? Then this selection of ties will be perfect.

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More Ties in Silver, Light Gray, and TaupeAbove we only feature those neck and bowties that best complemented the Moonlight Waltz fabric swatch by Alfred Angelo. In addition to these ties, we carry well over a hundred additional Silver and Gray Ties.Color Inspiration for “Moonlight Waltz”Moonlight Waltz is a very versatile color – meaning that it matches well with almost any shade and can be worn in any season. It is a shade of light silver with a subtle brown undertone. Other common names for the color are light taupe, light silver, as well as pale mushroom. When looking for a color inspiration to add to “Moonlight Waltz” we suggest you look at the season. Spring and summer settings typically call for brighter accents (such as pomegranate, coral, and fuchsia), while the fall season favors darker shades (such as navy, dark teal, plum, and persimmon).