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Ties Complementing Alfred Angelo's “Orange Sunset”

Below are our best matches to your Orange Sunset colored bridesmaids dresses. Click on your favorite orange sunset colored tie below.

More Ties in Red and Orange

Orange Sunset by Alfred Angelo is a dark shade of orange quite similar to persimmon and Alfred Angelo's “Paprika”. Above we only show those ties that best match the actual orange-sunset fabric swatch. We compared over 300 red and orange neckties to this fabric and are suggesting these ties above. Should you not like any of them, then please also view our Red Ties as well as our Orange Ties.

Nice Complementary Colors for “Orange Sunset”

Orange sunset is a warm and vivid color that suits any season. Because it is a darker, rich orange-red, we like to brighten it up with a lighter accent. Besides white, we like cream, champagne, pale yellows, light blues, and festive silver.