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Ties in “Riviera Sky” Color

Riviera Sky is a light shade of blue that is most popular during the spring and summer season. If your bridal party is dressing in Riviera Sky blue garments by Alfred Angelo, then these light blue ties below will coordinate nicely.

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More Light Blue Men's Ties Similar to “Riviera Sky”Alfred Angelo's Riviera Sky blue is a light blue color with a hint of lavender. We looked through more than hundred different light blue ties and paired them to the Riviera Sky blue fabric swatch before picking out the best matches. Would you like to do your own color matching and prefer to see a larger assortment? Then please have a look at all our Light Blue Neckties – a selection of men's ties ranging from light periwinkle to cornflower blue in any imaginable design, cut, and even fabric.Great Ways to Accent “Riviera Sky” With Other ColorsThinking about adding another accent color to your “Riviera Sky” blue themed wedding? Then you will have lots of choices. We like the elegant combination of white accents to Riviera Sky Blue. Also great are shades of gray, pewter, and charcoal. Should you want some more color to complement your outdoor summer wedding? Then light yellows (butter and sunshine by Alfred Angelo are great) as well as light pinks well look lovely.