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Below are our ties that complement your Alfred Angelo wheat colored bridesmaids dresses. Click on your favorite wheat colored necktie, bow tie, or pocket square for more information.

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More Tie Choices in Tan, Oatmeal, Cream, and WheatNot convinced on any of our tie suggestions above? Then we've got even more choices! Above we feature only those neckties and bow ties that best complement the exact wheat dress color by Alfred Angelo. We didn't guess on our matches, but actually took the wheat fabric swatch and held it next to over 200 ties in light brown and beige before picking our best matches. In addition to these wheat colored ties we suggest you view all our Ivory Ties – an assortment of over 100 neckties and bow ties in cream, tan, champagne, ivory, oatmeal, and wheat.Top 3 Accent Colors for Alfred Angelo's “Wheat”Alfred Anglo's wheat is a classic and elegant color. It is a shade of cream with a golden undertone. Although a formal and classic wedding color, it can, if worn by itself, be a little too drab. We recommend brightening it up with a fresh rose, deep magenta, or bright teal blue accents. A wheat colored tie with eggplant purple stripes would be a perfect example. Having multi-colored ties also allow for a wider range of accessory colors on handkerchiefs and/or boutonnieres.