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Trying to coordinate the color “Apple Red”? Then the selection of neckties, bow ties, and handkerchiefs below will be a perfect fit. We at compared over 3,000 ties to the actual Apple Red color swatch. The best coordinating ties are displayed below:

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More Red TiesEvery tie, bowtie and handkerchief above is as close to a perfect fit to the wedding color Apple Red color as it can get. If our assortment of coordinating apple ties above is not enough, then you may also want to have a look at all our red neckties. We at carry over 3,000 ties in stock that we sorted into 19 color groups. Because we carry so many red ties we actually had to create three red categories. To view all our red ties please have a look at our Red Ties as well as our collection of Cherry Red Ties, and also our Burgundy Ties. You may also want to have a look at our complete overview of Wedding Ties – where we suggest coordinating neckties and bow ties to over 150 unique color shades by popular wedding retailers.What if You Don't Like Our Suggestion?We compared every tie above to the actual apple red fabric swatch by this bridal retailer. Should you not like our recommendation then please return your ties for a full refund. It is our goal that the entire wedding party is satisfied with their ties.