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Men's Ties in Begonia

Begonia is a bright and vivid shade of pink that is perfect for the summer outdoor festivity. It is not surprising that it was picked as new color for the Spring & Summer collection for 2012. Below are our best complementing ties to the wedding hue “Begonia”.

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The color Begonia is currently this popular bridal retailer's brightest shades of pink. It is vivid, bright, and an instant attention grabber. It is not a surprise that it is a popular spring and summer color worn at outdoor weddings in nice weather. Because it is such a bright shade of hot pink, finding the right neckties was not easy. We compared over three hundred pink neckties before selecting the ones above as our best suggestions to the actual fabric swatch. Not seeing the tie for your groomsmen? Then please also browse our entire assortment of Pink Neckties. Also, worth a shot is looking through our collection of Watermelon Ties – a shade, although not quite as bright, that is very similar to Begonia.

Some Tips for Pairing Begonia Pink to Other Colors

We recommend pairing Begonia with muted and more subtle tones. Excellent choices are slight off-whites as well as tans and espresso brown. Looking for a darker accent color? Then a midnight blue, charcoal, or pewter would be excellent.