Biscotti Colored Neckwear:

Is your bridal party wearing “biscotti” colored dresses? Are you looking for menswear accessories that compliment your color palette? Then here are some necktie and bow tie choices for you.

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David's Bridal's Biscotti, A Closer Look:Biscotti by David's Bridal is a golden tan color. It is elegant and season-less – meaning that is will look nice in Summer as much as Fall. Other common names for this bridal hue are Oatmeal, Wheat, Almond, and Latte.Ways to Wear Biscotti Colored Ties:For men's ties, Biscotti (as well as other beige and tans), are perfect for the spring and summer season. They look excellent when worn with darker, more contrasting jackets. An excellent choice here is a navy blue suit, white or ivory shirt, and a champagne colored pocket square.