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Below are perfect coordinating ties and bow ties for the wedding color “Cornflower” blue. We selected these ties from over 3,000 neckties after comparing them to the actual Cornflower fabric swatch. Many of the Cornflower blue ties are also available as extra long ties as well as kids ties.

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Even More Light Blue TiesThe Cornflower blue ties featured above were selected after comparing a few hundred light blue ties to the actual “Cornflower” blue fabric swatch from this bridal retailer. We spend hours finding the perfect coordinating ties in Cornflower blue so you can relax, and look forward to your big day instead. If you don't like any of our Cornflower blue tie suggestions, then we also invite you to view all our Light Blue Ties where you will find an assortment of neckties and bow ties in powder blue, baby blue, pool blue, aqua, Capri-blue and more. We carry light blue ties in a wide range of designs from several European designer brands. Most ties are also available as coordinating handkerchiefs. In addition, our most popular ties are available in all lengths: regular length ties, XL Ties, as well as kids ties.Best Accent Color Shades for Cornflower BlueCornflower is a light shade of blue. It is a color that is easily paired to a wide range of accent colors. Popular complementing colors for Cornflower are: whites, off-whites, silver, grays, pink & roses, brown, and light yellows (such as canary yellow and pastel yellow).