Neckties & Bow Ties in “Fern” Green

Below is our selection of neckties and bow ties that suit the weddng color “Fern”. Each fern-green tie below has been compared to the actual “Fern” color swatch and will be an almost identical fit. Click on your favorite fern green tie below for larger image and more information.

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Similar Green Ties in Olive, Hunter-Green, Fern, & Asparagus-Green“Fern” is a dark green color that could also be describe as olive or camouflage green. Should you not find a tie design from our collection above then we also suggest you browse through our entire assortment of Dark Green Ties. We at carry a few hundred different green ties ranging from simple solid color designs to elaborate fabric weaves and prints. We are confident that we have a perfect coordinating “Fern” green tie for your wedding party.Complimenting the bridal color “Fern” Green“Fern” is a dark shade of green. It contains a large portion of brown giving it an almost camouflage green look. To be even more specific, the color Fern is made from the primary colors yellow, green, some blue, and black. Thus, it can easily be paired with many different colors. Most popular (and we also think the best looking) accent colors for “Fern” are: off-whites such as ivory, cream, and champagne, as well as gold and light yellow (such as “Canary”).