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Ties in “Guava” Pink

Looking for neckties that suit the “Guava” color of your bridesmaids' dresses? Then below are perfectly coordinating neckties and bow ties! We compared each tie to the “Guava” wedding color and are excited to be showing you these perfect fits.

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More Ties in Pink, Guava, Watermelon, Fuchsia, and MagentaThe ties featured above were picked from a few hundred different pink ties and are a perfect fit to the “Guava” fabric swatch from a popular retailer. If none of our recommendations strike your interest then we also invite you to visit our collection of Pink Ties. We carry pink ties ranging from a light tea-rose pink to a hot magenta pink. In total, our current collection of pink ties encompasses 200 unique necktie designs and different pink shades.Excellent Colors to Pair with Guava Pink“Guava” is a bright pink shade. Because the color is so fresh, lively, and bright, we recommend pairing it with a more muted color. Excellent are formal colors such as champagne, ivory, silver, dark eggplant purple, as well as sangria. We carry neckties, bow ties, and handkerchiefs in each of these colors. Combining a “Guava” pink necktie with an ivory color handkerchief, worn in the breast pocket, would be an excellent example of how to combine different wedding colors into the attire of groom and groomsmen.