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We handpicked several ties out of over collection of over 3,000 neckties that are a perfect fit to “Horizon” blue. Please click on your favorite “Horizon” colored tie below:

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More Blue Ties & Bow Ties“Horizon” is a very bright blue color. Some call this shade “Horizon” but names like cobalt-blue, Persian-blue, bright-blue, and sapphire-blue would be equally suited. We at carry over 3,000 ties in stock. Our collection of blue ties encompasses over 500 unique ties ranging from a light powder blue to a formal midnight-blue neckties. Because we carry so many blue ties we divided them into three color groups: light blue ties, navy blue ties, and dark blue ties. If none of our “Horizon” blue suggestions above strike your interest then we suggest you have a look at our Blue Ties – most of which will also be available in XL length (for the tall groom and/or groomsmen), as well as kids length (for the ring bearer).Pairing “Horizon” Blue with Other Accent Colors:Depending on the season we would pair “Horizon” the following way: For the Spring & Summer we suggest lighter and livelier accent colors such as light pastel yellow (“Canary” would be excellent), ivory and cream, as well as a light rose-pink. For the Fall & Winter season we suggest colors that are a bit more muted and more elegant. Perfect here are silver and dark purples (eggplant and sangria to be more exact). If you are looking for accenting tie and pocket square colors then please see our assortment of ties sorted into this retailers 44 color shades below.