Wedding Ties in “Latte”

Looking for ties that are a perfect fit to “Latte” brown? Then this selection of neckties, bow ties, and handkerchiefs will be perfect. Each tie below has been compared to the actual fabric swatch and we guarantee a perfect fit.

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More Ties in Light Brown, Tan, Camel, and LatteEvery tie featured above is a perfect fit to the fabric swatch in Latte brown. We compared every single tie out of our brown & tan collection to the actual “Latte” fabric swatch and display the almost identical colored ties above. If a perfect “Latte” color fit is not a must-have criteria, and if you would like to see a larger selection of ties similar to “Latte”, then we suggest you have a look at all our Brown Ties as well as our Champagne & Ivory Ties.Pairing “Latte” With Other Popular Wedding ColorsThe wedding color “Latte” is a shade of light brown. Other words suited to describe this color are tan, taupe, camel, chamoisee, and fallow. Because “Latte” is a light to medium-dark shade of brown, it can be paired with both lighter as well as darker accent color. For a spring and summer wedding during bright daylight we suggest a lively accent color such as light blue, rose, bright pink, and orange. For a evening wedding as well as weddings in late fall and winter we suggest a darker accent color such as dark brown and dark plum-purple. Please find all our ties and handkerchiefs sorted by this retailers 44 colors below.