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Wedding Ties in “Malibu”

Below is a collection of neckties and bow ties that suit well with “Malibu” blue. We compared hundreds of blue ties to the “Malibu” fabric swatch and display our top picks below. Click on your favorite “Malibu” blue tie for more information.

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Other Ties in Bright BlueAbove are our suggestions for best coordinating ties to the bridal color “Malibu”. We picked these ties after comparing every blue tie we carry to the actual fabric swatch. Should you not like any of these ties then we suggest you browse all our blue ties. Because we have so many ties in blue, we decided to sort them into three groups: Light Blue Ties, Blue Ties, and Dark Blue Ties. Another good place for coordinating ties is our page featuring Turquoise Ties.Most Popular Accent Colors to Compliment “Malibu”Malibu blue is a bright blue color with a hint of turquoise that can be paired well with a wide range of accent colors. Because it is such a bright color we suggest lighter and/or less powerful/bright colors as an accent. Great are light yellows, plum and dark purples, pewter, and tan (sometimes also called “Latte”).