Groom & Groomsmen Ties in “Marine”

If you decided to make “Marine” blue your wedding color, then this collection of ties will be the perfect fit. Each tie, bowtie, and pocket square below was paired with the actual “Marine” fabric swatch.

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More Ties in Marine, Blue, and NavyNot enough tie and bow tie choices above? Then you may also browse through all our Classic Blue Ties as well as our collection of Dark Blue Ties. Blue is one of the most popular colors for men's ties and we at carry a few hundred blue ties ranging from a light pastel blue to a dark navy. Besides solid color blue ties we offer any imaginable design from classic Regimental stripes to wild paisley patterns. Because we carry so many blue ties, we sorted them into three groups: light blue ties, classic blue ties, and dark blue ties. Still not finding the perfect color or design? Then contact us for custom tie design options.Best Complimentary Colors for “Marine” Blue“Marine” is a dark shade of blue. Other common words to describe this color are: Navy blue, Persian blue, Ultramarine, Egyptian blue, and cobalt blue. “Marine” is easily matched to over a dozen different accent colors. Our favorite combinations with “Marine” are light yellows, any shade of light blue, white, tan, and peach-pink. A great way to accent your marine blue ties on groom and groomsmen is with pocket squares. We at carry a large assortment of solid colored as well as patterned handkerchiefs.