Ties Matching “Burnt Orange” by Bill Levkoff

Below are our best matching ties to Bill Levkoff's “Burnt Orange” – picked out from over 300 orange tiesafter pairing each one to the actual fabric swatch. All ties listed here are in stock.

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Bill Levkoff's “Burnt Orange” – A Closer LookTo us, Levkoff's “Burnt Orange” is quite different to other designer's burnt orange swatches. Levkoff's color is more tan and golden and quite a few shades lighter than most other burnt orange hues we have seen. It is a festive Fall color that pairs nicely with white, all off-whites, light blues, and hunter greens.Many More Orange Ties Levkoff's burnt orange was not an easy color to find matching ties for. From all 3000+ ties we carry in stock, above are the best matches. Should a perfect color match not be important, then please view all our orange neckties – a collection of ties ranging from light peach to dark persimmon in color. You will find orange ties with checks, plaids, polka dots, in skinny width, paisleys, and much more.