Ties that Match Bill Levkoff’s “Capri”

If you picked out dresses in Capri blue by Bill Levkoff, then this collection of ties will be perfect for all the men in your party. We have compared each of these pieces to the actual Capri blue fabric swatch to ensure the right color match.

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A Closer Look at “Capri” Blue by Bill LevkoffCapri by Bill Levkoff is a very light shade of blue with a hint of turquoise. Other dress designers sometimes call this shade pool-blue, blue box, robin's egg blue, or cornflower. It is a perfect summer color that reminds us of spring mountain waters. It matches nicely with bright whites, dark foresty green, charcoal, burgundy, and apple-red. More Ties in Light Blue and Turquoise In addition to the matching Capri colored ties above, we carry over 200 light blue ties in stock. Should the perfect color match not be critical for you, then please browse this selection of light blue ties as well as our assortment of turquoise & aqua ties.