Featured Ties Matching Bill Levkoff’s “Dusty Pink”

Looking for light silver-pink ties that match your “Dusty Pink” dresses by Bill Levkoff? Then this collection below will be perfect. We compared all our 200+ pink ties to Levkoff's actual “Dusty Pink” fabric swatch to ensure a nice match.

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“Dusty Pink” by Bill LevkoffDusty pink is a popular bridal hue that can be found in many designers' collections. Alfred Angelo calls their very similar hue (although bit darker in color) “Dusty Rose”, while the Dusty Pink by J.Crew is almost spot on identical to Bill Levkoff's hue. The shade “dusty rose” is, as the name suggests, a soft shade of pink with a silvery/gray undertone. Because it does contain a good portion of silver, it gives the hue a cooling feel – making it as much suited for weddings during winter as much as spring. “Indigo” by Bill Levkoff To our knowledge, Bill Levkoff's Indigo is only available in their Tissue Taffeta fabric. It is a fabric that has a nice silver sheen, but when viewed from an angle, the Indigo swatch does show some brownish tones. This is likely due to the fact that the warp used while weaving the fabric shows through.