Ties that Match Bill Levkoff’s “Gold”

If your bridesmaids are dressing in gold colored garments by Bill Levkoff, then these ties will be the perfect accessory for all the men in your wedding party. All ties featured below are in stock and will ship out within one business day.

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Bill Levkoff's Gold – A Closer LookTo us, Bill Levkoff's “Gold” appears more tan/wheat color than gold. Compared to other bridesmaids dress designers' colors, it is similar to J.Crew's Golden Khaki as well as Alfred Angelo's Harvest Gold. These are all very festive shades that look excellent during the later part of the year. When pairing these hues with other accent colors, we suggest dark navy blues, burgundy, dark plum purples and eggplant, as well as burnt orange.More Yellow & Tan Ties Similar to Levkoff's GoldDon't fancy any of our suggested ties above? Then please browse all these three selections containing over 500 ties: Yellow & Gold Ties, Brown Ties, as well as our assortment of Tan & Ivory Ties. Please note that above are only those ties that best matched Bill Levkoff's “Gold” fabric swatch.