Blue Ties Matching Bill Levkoff's “Indigo”

Need ties for the guys that match your girl's “Indigo” dresses designed by Bill Levkoff? Then this collection of blue ties is perfect. Each tie was paired to the “Indigo” fabric swatch – ensuring the perfect match.

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Levkoff's Wine Color – A Closer LookLooking at the fabric swatch, we couldn't think of a better name. Wine by Levkoff is a rich, dark burgundy hue that instantly reminds us of a nice glass of pinot. Because it is a darker shade of red, it is usually picked for the later seasons of the year. We suggest this hue for the months past September through winter.“Indigo” by Bill Levkoff To our knowledge, Bill Levkoff's Indigo is only available in their Tissue Taffeta fabric. It is a fabric that has a nice silver sheen, but when viewed from an angle, the Indigo swatch does show some brownish tones. This is likely due to the fact that the warp used while weaving the fabric shows through."Indigo" by WATTERSWhile the color might have the same name, one designer's "Indigo" might be quite different from another designer's "Indigo". Please note that the ties shown above are only for Bill Levkoff's Indigo blue. Additionally we curated anIndigo Collection for WATTERS bridesmaids dresses.