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Men’s Ties Complementing Bill Levkoff “Sable” Colored Dresses

Below are several of our brown ties that are the perfect match to Bill Levkoff's “Sable” color. Dressing your wedding party in coordinating outfits has never been easier. All sable colored ties below are in stock.

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Bill Levkoff's “Sable” – A Closer LookThe color “Sable” by Levkoff is a dark shade of brown. It is actually quite similar to Levkoff's Chocolate Brown – although it is a tiny bit darker. Other suitable names for this hue are espresso, truffle, chocolate, and cocoa. When worn as a primary color (on larger clothing pieces) it is a popular fall color. It can however be turned into a dashing spring hue when accenting with soft rose pinks, light yellows, and ivory.Matching Tips for Dark Brown & Sable Colored Ties The dark brown tie is a popular accessory for the late summer through fall. It looks excellent in combination with midnight blue suits, dress shirts in ivory as well as classic white, and is best accented with gold colored accessories such as cuff links, belt buckles, and watch.