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Ties that Match Bill Levkoff’s Watermelon

Looking for matching neckties and bow ties in this bright pink hue? Then we at Bows-N-Ties have found several nice matching ties to Bill Levkoff's watermelon. Each tie below was paired to the actual fabric swatch to ensure a perfect match.

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A Closer Look at Levkoff's WatermelonWatermelon is a popular shade in the bridal world. In fact almost every bridesmaids dress designer has a color named watermelon. Bill Levkoff's watermelon is bright and lively in color. It is a vivid bridesmaids dress shade that is instantly noticed without distracting attention away from the beautiful bride. It is similar to most fuchsias and magentas but does have a bit of an added grayish undertone.Similar Pink Ties to Bill Levkoff's WatermelonWe know that finding the right matching ties is a priority to you. We therefore only want to show the best matching neckties and bow ties to Bill Levkoff's watermelon above. Should a true color match not be critical, then we suggest you also check out our assortment of 200+ pink ties – a collection featuring ties in any pink hue imaginable and ranging from plain solid color designs to intricate checks, polka dots, paisleys, stripes, and more.