Neckties & Men’s Bow Ties in Moss Green

Moss: a popular wedding hue for spring, summer, and early fall. To compliment your moss green themed wedding we selected some of our best suited neckties – the perfect accessory for the men in your wedding party.

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Get Inspired: Best Ways to Accent “Moss” with Other ShadesMoss by this popular bridal retailer is a dark shade of green with some brown undertones. It is an olive-green shade that is most popular during the Fall wedding season. When matching this elegant and unique hue with other shades we suggest black and charcoal for an ultra elegant look, light pastel yellow or rose-petal pink for a spring outdoor wedding, and a light lavender for a vintage themed décor. How to Wear a Moss Green TieThe moss green tie looks best when worn with tan suits in spring and summer, and charcoal or formal black suits in the fall and winter. Suit colors that should be avoided are brown, olive, and brighter navy blues.