Neck & Bow Ties in “Oasis”

Wedding ties that suit “Oasis” blue. We compared each tie below to the actual “Oasis” fabric to ensure a perfect fit. Click on your favorite tie below for more information.

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More Choices of Ties Similar to “Oasis”Every tie featured above was paired with the actual “Oasis” fabric. Because we only want to recommend the best coordinating ties the selection might be a bit limited. Should you not find the Oasis-blue tie you'd like for your wedding party, then you might also browse through all our Turquoise Ties, bow ties, and turquoise pocket squares.Pairing Other Colors to “Oasis”“Oasis” is a shade of turquoise and is best complimented with a “warmer” summery color such as a bright yellow, peach, and light pink. Should you not have chosen “Oasis” for your winter wedding then we recommend a darker and formal accent color such as charcoal, pewter, and dark plum.