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“Peach” Wedding Ties

If you are looking for neckties and bow ties that suit to your Peach wedding color, then this collection of ties will be perfect. We compared each tie below to the “Peach” fabric swatch. Please click on your favorite tie for more information.

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More Choices of Ties in Pink, Coral, Peach, and Apricot“Peach” is a soft shade of orange. If you don't like any of our Peach colored ties above, then you may also want to look through all our Orange Ties as well as our Pink Ties. Combined both collections encompass over 300 neckties in solid color, with stripes, fine polka dots, foulard patterns, floral design, and much more.Best Accent Colors for “Peach”Peach is a perfect color for any wedding in spring and summer. It is a very lively and “happy” color that perfectly complements the sunny summer days. Because it is such a soft and light color, many couples decide to accent it with darker, contrasting shades. Excellent colors for peach are dark teals (“Peacock”), charcoal and dark grays (such as “Pewter” and “Mercury”), as well as burnt orange, and dark purple.