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“Peacock” Wedding Ties

Below we are featuring all our neckties and bow ties that suit well with your “Peacock” bridesmaids dresses. Please click your favorite “Peacock” tie below for more information. All “Peacock” ties are in stock and ready to ship.

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More Ties in Teal, Dark Turquoise, and PeacockWhat some call “Peacock” could also be described as teal or dark turquoise. Every tie we recommend above has been compared to the actual “Peacock” color. Because a perfect fit was important to us we only show a limited number of neckties and bow ties. Don't like any of the “Peacock” ties above? Then you might also want to visit our assortment of 100+ Turquoise Ties.Pairing “Peacock” with Other Colors“Peacock” is a dark shade of teal. We like this color most when lightened up with a softer color such as pistachio, a light rose, peach, as well as coral. Also great, and perfect for any season are off-whites such as ivory, champagne, tan, and cream.