Ties & Bow Ties in “Persimmon”

Below are ties that are a perfect fit to “Persimmon” orange. We took each tie below and compared it to the actual “Persimmon” fabric. Each persimmon orange tie below is in stock and ships out within one business day.

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View All Our Orange TiesIf the perfect fit to your “Persimmon” dresses is not important, then you might also want to see all our Orange Ties – a category page with ties ranging from light peach to dark burnt orange in color. We carry orange ties with stripes, checks, paisleys, polka dots, and solids. We also carry orange ties in different widths, different lengths, and made from different fabrics. Still not finding the perfect tie, then you might get lucky in our assortment of bright Red Ties since “Persimmon” contains a large portion of red.Best Accent Colors for “Persimmon”Persimmon is a popular wedding color for the fall. Thus, it is well accented with any shade of brown ranging from light beige and tan to a darker chocolate or truffle brown. Looking for a livelier and more interesting color combination? Then pair Persimmon with a sage green or cyan blue.