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Ties in Poppy Red

Poppy is a bright red hue with a slight orange undertone. It is a popular summer color that compliments well with white, light silver, and all off-whites. We at are excited to have many matching neckties and bow ties in this popular summer wedding color. Here are our best matching ties to the bridal hue poppy:

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Poppy – A Closer LookPoppy is one of the brightest shades of reds. It is almost fluorescent in color – especially when paired with a shiny satin finish fabric. The slight orange undertone of this color is most noticeable when seeing larges pieces of this color (think dresses rather than ties). Above we at Bows-N-Ties decided to only feature our best matching pieces for poppy. Should you still want to see more choices, then please also browse our 200+ ties in our bright red ties collection.Tips for Wearing Poppy Color TiesNeckties and bow ties in poppy are not for the faint of heart. The brightness of this color creates the ultimate power tie! Typically the simpler the pattern (think solid color ties) the bolder the piece will appear. Poppy is a color that pairs exceptionally easy with a wide range of suits. Almost all suit colors, from traditional charcoal and navy, to summerly beige and tan, poppy colored ties will add a nice dash of color to them all.