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Men’s Ties in Color Quartz

Below is a collection of neckties and bow ties that nicely compliment a quartz color palette. All ties shown were paired to the actual quartz fabric swatch ensuring that these pieces will be the perfect menswear accessory for your bridesmaids dresses.

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  • Fabric: Microfiber
  • Pattern: Solid Colors
Quartz: A closer LookQuartz is a muted mauve tone that is perfect for your Fall wedding. It compliments nicely with accents in brown, silver, gray, gold, and ivory. Because mauve has a hint of purple in it, we recommend suits in either navy or gray.Ordering Color SwatchesAlthough we do our best to ensure the ties listed here will match to your bridesmaids dresses, differences in fabric weaves and weights can sometimes make a color appear slightly lighter or darker. That's why we offer a flexible return policy. Simply order whatever ties you like, and should you not be 100% satisfied with our color match, you can return anything for a full refund.