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Ties & Bow Ties in Regency

Looking for wedding ties in Regency? Below are several tie choices that are an exact fit to the color Regency. Pick your favorite necktie or bow tie in Regency blue below.

More Ties in Blue, Purple, and Regency

Finding a perfect fit to the wedding color Regency was a priority when we picked these ties above. Each tie in this selection was compared to the physical color swatch “Regency” by this retailer. Should a 100% color fit not be important to you then we suggest you also browse through our selection of Blue Ties as well as our Purple Ties. “Regency” is a color that uses royal blue as a base paired with a purple undertone.

Tips to Pair Other Colors to “Regency”

“Regency” is a perfect name for this color as it pairs a Royal blue base with regal purple undertone. Thus it is a festive and elegant color that will be perfect for your big day. Because “Regency” is a strong and powerful hue, it is often paired with a softer and lighter accent shade. Excellent color combinations for Regency are: off whites, shades of light turquoise (such as “Pool”, “Oasis”, or “Cornflower”), as well as beige and tan (such as “Golden” and “Champagne”). If you like the idea of adding another accenting accessory to the ensembles of groom and groomsmen then a contrasting color pocket square or even a tie displaying both colors would be a perfect choice. Below we show all our ties sorted to complement this retailers 44 wedding colors.