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“Sangria” Purple Ties

Looking for coordinating neckwear in “Sangria” purple? Below are several tie and bow tie choices that are the exact fit to your “Sangria” bridal dresses. Click on your favorite purple tie below for more info. All ties featured below are in stock and ready to ship.

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More Ties & Bow Ties in PurplePurple is one of the most popular wedding colors. Thus, most bridal retailers offer close to a dozen different shades of purple ranging from a dark plum purple to a brighter lilac. Each tie above was picked because it is an exact fit to this retailers Sangria red. We compared over a hundred different purple ties to the Sangria fabric swatch and guarantee that you will be happy with our color fit. If a perfect fit is not as important to you, or if you would like to see more design and pattern choices, then please also visit all our Purple Ties.Pairing another Color to “Sangria”The color “Sangria” can be complimented with many different colors. What color you choose to accent Sangria is a personal preference and is a little bit dependent on the season. For the spring and summer wedding we suggest lighter lavender to create a contrasting yet monochromatic look. For the Fall and Winter a darker accent color is best. Good choices here are dark grays (like “Pewter”) as well as olive and dark brownish-greens. We carry several ties that pair “Sangria” with another accent color. We also offer several handkerchiefs that would add a nice accent to the Sangria colored necktie or bow tie.