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“Watermelon” Pink Ties

Need ties that are the exact fit to the color “Watermelon” of your bridesmaids dresses? Here are our best coordinating Watermelon ties. All ties are in stock! We also carry our best selling Watermelon ties in XL length as well as in kids' size.

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More Ties in Pink, Magenta, Fuchsia, and WatermelonBesides these Watermelon ties we carry over a hundred other Pink Ties. Above are only the best coordinating ties to the color “Watermelon”. We only chose ties that suited the “Watermelon” fabric swatch. In addition we carry ties in light pink, rose, cherry blossom, rose-petal, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, guava, and much more. We carry solid color pink ties, pink ties with stripes, dotted patterns, foulard designs, pink ties in skinny width, and much more.Paring “Watermelon” – The Best Coordinating Accent ColorsWe compared many of our ties to the actual fabric swatch before suggesting the best accent colors. We like a light peach quite a bit – especially for a spring wedding. Also great are bright to dark blues and lighter shades of brown. Looking for a formal accent color? Then a dark smoke gray or dark charcoal silver would be excellent.