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“Wine” Color Wedding Ties

Looking for ties and men's fashion accessories that suit the color “Wine”? Then these ties, bow ties, and handkerchiefs will be perfect. Each tie below was paired with the actual “Wine” fabric swatch. Finding coordinating groom and groomsmen ties couldn't be more convenient.

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More Ties in Wine-red, Burgundy, Maroon, and PurpleWine is a dark shade of red with a purple undertone. We took the guesswork out of finding the perfect coordinating neckties and/or bow ties for your wedding and compared all our dark red ties, burgundy ties, and purple ties to the actual fabric swatch. We held up over 300 ties next to the actual “Wine” fabric. The best coordinating “Wine” colored ties are displayed above. If this selection is not large enough then we suggest you also browse our Burgundy Ties as well as our Purple Ties.Best Coordinating Accent Colors for Wine RedWine is a dark shade of red. It is made up from the primary colors blue (cyan), red, and darken with black. Because “Wine” is such a dark color we suggest pairing it with a lighter, contrasting shade from the same color family. Thus, perfect accent colors for Wine are: violet (“Sangria”), lavender, and any shade of light pink. We at offer neckties, bow ties, and handkerchief in all these colors. Currently we carry over 3,000 ties in stock.