Neckties & Bow Ties in “Wisteria”

Looking to outfit your wedding party with ties that suit “Wisteria”? We at Bows-n-Ties compared over a hundred purple and lavender ties to the actual “Wisteria” fabric swatch. Here are the perfect ties:

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More Ties in Purple & LavenderEach tie recommendation above is based on an in-person color fit to the actual “Wisteria” fabric swatch. We only wanted to display the best fits. If you would like to see more choices of purple and lavender neckties and bow ties, then please visit our category page with all Purple Ties. We carry any shade of purple imaginable and offer dozens of unique tie designs from small European boutique designs.Suggested Accent Colors for “Wisteria”Depending on the season we recommend a few accent colors to compliment “Wisteria”. For the spring and summer wedding light colors are best. Good choices here are Pistachio, light mint green, pastel yellow (like “Canary”), and also light shades of rose and pink. For the Fall and Winter darker accent colors are better. We recommend marine and navy blue, dark grays, as well as dark purple such as plum and eggplant.