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Shop our latest collections of formal white bow ties - available in pre-tied as well as self-tie style. Many of our designers also offer these white bow ties as matching white neckties as well as pocket squares

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The Story of the White Bow Tie Did you know that white is the most formal of all bow tie colors? It is a must have accessory for a so-called white tie dress code - the only formal dress code that supersedes black tie in terms of formality. Traditionally the white bow tie is worn with a tailcoat, white vest, and solid white wing tip dress shirt, as well as patent leather shoes or formal pumps. While this is the traditional use for the white bow tie, don't restrict yourself to such a noble attire when thinking about wearing a white bow tie. Nowadays, you can indeed wear a white bow tie for casual settings. Pair the white bow tie solid black shirt and suit for instance and you will have a trendy and stylish look that is perfect for your friend's evening wedding, prom, as well as a fun night out.