Men's Neckties in White

Below is our selection of white ties. In this category you will find neckties in solid bright white color as white ties with stripes, paisleys, foulard patterns, fine polka dots, and much more. To see a detailed view and /or to order a tie, simply click on one of the pictures below.

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When to Wear White Ties

The white tie is one of the most formal necktie colors, and is best suited for daytime events. Most formal are solid ties in bright white color. So, the less of a pattern on the tie the more festive the necktie will appear. For that reason solid white ties are often times chosen for formal daytime weddings. White in combination with other colors such as light blue, pink, or lime green in form of stripes, checks, or foulards are popular ties for the spring and summer, and perfectly suited for office wear in combination with suit and dress shirt. Another interesting fact worth mentioning is that white ties are a required accessory and dress code for Judges in German courts. The white tie is supposed to remind the judge that they their decisions must be based on facts and not on personal opinions.

Matching Neckties in White

Matching the color white is quite simple. Solid color white ties should be matched with dark charcoal gray or black suits and white or black dress shirts. Although a navy blue or light gray suit would not be an eye-sore by any means, those colors would not compliment the formal look of the solid white tie.

Ties that have combined white with other colors are best matched with a dress shirt that matches one of those colors. Most of the time white is combined with lighter color shades that are best suited for the sunny days in spring and summer. For that reason, these ties look best when matched with suits made from lighter summer-time fabrics. Suits in light gray, tan, beige, and navy are classic colors for the warmer days.

Styles of White Mens Ties

At Bows-n-Ties we carry over a dozens of different white tie styles, patterns, and designs. All ties in this selection have white as the predominant color. Besides solid white neckties you will find white ties with subtle striping patterns, unique fabric weaves and structures, white ties with polka dots, paisley patterns, and much more. Click on the white tie above to see a more detailed picture of the tie.

White Neckties and White Tie Dress Code

White ties are one of the most formal tie colors. In fact White Tie in itself is a dress code. Please don’t confuse wearing a white necktie with white tie attire. White tie attire is the most formal of all dress codes and traditionally consists of a tailcoat jacket, white bow tie, and waistcoat. To read more on this dress code please visit our section on White Tie Attire.