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Shades of Yellow

This collection of ties contains neckties ranging from a bright chartreuse yellow to darker mustard yellow. Included in this category you will also find the more metallic golden-yellow tie. If you can’t find the shade of yellow you have been searching for then send us an e-mail. There is always the option to have a custom tie created – even pantone color match is no problem.

Dress Codes for Ties in Yellow and Gold

Although there is no written dress code for yellow neck ties, there are certain occasions the yellow tie is better suited than others. Since yellow is a fresh and lively color it is best worn during the day, preferably when sunny outside, and during the spring and summer months. Depending on the shade of yellow, yellow matches well with white, gray, and blue dress shirts, and gray, navy, black, and beige-brown suits.

Matching the Yellow Tie to an Outfit, Occasion, and Season

Lighter shades of yellow such as lemon and maize look best on men with a darker complexion. Fair skinned men usually should wear the light yellow tie with a non-white dress shirt. Choose the lighter yellows for the spring and summer while the fall is well suited for a slightly darker yellows such as: Amber, mustard, sand-tone, poppy, darker golden yellow, and tangerine-yellow.

The Psychology of Colors: Yellow & Gold

Each color brings our certain feelings, thoughts, and emotions in people. Yellow is a fresh, lively and friendly color. It shines with optimism, and evokes happiness in people. It is not surprising that yellow is a common color theme founds at weddings in spring and summer. Shades of golden-yellow are often times perceived as good luck (think of ‘golden future’), wealth, and luxury. In mens fashion yellow is commonly found on spring-time clothing items such as shirts, ties, handkerchiefs and even shorts, and bathing suits. Gold on the other hand is typically only found on small accessories such as wrist watches, belt buckles, and cuff links.