January 19, 2017

Who Wore It Best ITALY


Who Wore It Best Italy

Our Who Wore It Best ITALY  is here featuring these five Italian menswear influencers @derfaber@riccardobiolchini,  @gianluca_ala, @manuel_pasquali, and @matteomammolenti.  We sent them all our Paisley Tie and asked them to each style it. Vote for your favorite look and be sure to follow all of these inspiring menswear influencers on Instagram. We’ll be featuring innovative influencers around the globe. What country would you like to see featured next? 


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January 18, 2017

Wedding in Sages, Golds and Grays

Sage + Gold Wedding


Behold the ethereal beauty of sage greens, gold and grays.  This color trifecta makes a statement but still keeps things light and lovely. These colors allow brides everywhere to curate their dream wedding with an organic edge and a sophisticated shine. Small hints of gold do wonders to modernize vintage sage greens and tonal grays. Sage is becoming one of the most sought after wedding color of 2017. We have created a Wedding Pinterest Board for Sage to help you get inspired.  Let us help you pick out the best groomsmen accessories for you in sages, grays and golds. Here are just a few of our favorites.


Sage and Gray Wedding Ties


Pin Dot Bow Tie         |        Paisley Tie        |        Sage and Gray Bow Tie

Cashmere Tie in Gray        |       Gray Bow Tie         |       Diamond Patterned Tie



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January 16, 2017

Look Of The Week: Moleskin Sport Coat + Tie

Camel Blazer and Light Blue Tie

Sport Coat 


Dress Shirt 


Pocket Square 

The camel blazer is without doubt a quintessential menswear staple. This week we wanted to highlight the handsome versatility of this must have fashion piece with this amazing look created by @maximilian.julius. There’s something particularly innovative and new about the pairing of the golden camel with the tonal blues. This ensemble could just as easily be paired with wool trousers for the office as it could be with broken in jeans for a stylish night out.  We’re big fans of mixing and matching modern and vintage menswear components. Who else is coveting this Omega timepiece?

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January 11, 2017

Burgundy and Dusty Blue Wedding Ideas

Blue and Burgundy Wedding


It’s official: burgundy and dusty blue are perfect together. If you love Autumn hues, this power color couple is the way to go. It’s authentically awesome and unapologetic in its bold sophistication. The dramatic darkness of burgundies and the coolness of the dusty blues create a dream like aesthetic that brides-to-be everywhere are falling in love with.  We created a Pinterest Board for you to source  more wedding ideas in beautiful shades of burgundy. We also asked our wedding stylist to pick her favorite groomsmen accessories in burgundies and blue. Let us help you outfit your wedding party in the perfect ties and bowties.


Autumn Wedding Ties and Bow Ties


Wool Bow Tie           |           Paisley Tie         |       Patterned Tie in Burgundy  

Polka Dot Tie         |        Ink Blue Medallion Tie         |       Floral Tie in Burgundy  


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January 10, 2017

RMRS Pocket Square Collection 1/10

We are excited to release the first of ten pocket square designs we created in collaboration with menswear expert and founder or RMRS, Antonio Centeno. Handcrafted from fine linen, and finished with a hand-rolled, navy blue border it is a must have for the well-dressed man. Click on any of the images below for a close-up look. To order, please GO HERE

RMRS Linen Pocket SquareMens Linen Pocket SquareLinen Pocket Square White NavyMens Linen Fabric Pocket Square

About the RMRS Pocket Square Collection

What set’s the well dressed man apart is not the cost of his clothes but proper fit, understanding proportion, and knowing how to accessorize. To help you with the later, we consulted with menswear expert Antonio Centeno to create 10 classic pocket squares that will help accessorize all your favorite suits, sports coats, and blazers. A new pocket square will be released every few weeks.

The History of the Modern Pocket Square

Did you know that the accessory known as a men’s pocket square originated during the 1920s? Men used to place a white linen or cotton pocket square into their jacket’s breast pocket less for aesthetic than for practical reasons. The pocket square was simply a white handkerchief that was kept in the breast pocket to keep it clean. Once used, it would end up in the inner pocket of the suit.

Then in 1924 Kleenex invented the disposable paper handkerchief making the use of a cotton or linen hanky much less popular. While men started transitioning to use the paper Kleenex, the look of keeping a neatly folded pocket square in the breast pocket remained. Nowadays pocket squares are solely worn for aesthetic reasons. They allow us to add color, contrast, pattern, and texture to any jacket.

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