July 30, 2015

Menswear Styles of The 1920′s

Style Trends of the 1920s Mens Fashion

The Roaring 1920′s

The gentleman of the roaring 20′s knew something about fashion, style + accessorizing. We’ve broken down some of the quintessential Menswear Trends of the 1920′s for you to incorporate into your modern look. Combining trends from different eras is an exceptional strategy for looking your absolute best.

The color palette of the 1920′s focused on a foundation of handsome neutrals with pops of colors through accessories. Burnt oranges and dark greens were popular options to jazz up brown + gray suits.

Suits were made from heavier fabrics like wools and tweeds and were typically single or double breasted and featured 3 or 4 buttons. 1920′s suits are celebrated for the highness of the lapels which is unlike an other era.

The 1920’s fashion code required a 3 piece suit with matching vest! 

Shirts in the 1920′s were made of colorful vertical stripes in a variety of statement colors including greens, lilacs, blues, pinks, yellows and sages. The collars were typically round spread collars, pointed and buttoned down.

Men accessorized with bold + colorful patterned self tie bow ties. Popular patterns included polka dots, plaids and art deco patterns! Neck ties were also popular options. Men gravitated towards colorfully striped neckties. Last but not least, neck scarves were hugely popular in the 1920′s in a plethora of shades including gold, navy, lilac, pastel green, yellow and burgundy.

Hats were an essential component of the 1920′s. Men had hats for every season and the variety of styles were incredible. Their were flat caps, straw boaters, derby hats, fedoras and top hats.

What era of menswear are you the biggest fan of?


July 29, 2015

Wedding Ideas for Barn Weddings

Inspiration Ideas for Barn Weddings

Barn weddings + receptions have a distinct aesthetic that many absolutely love- including us! We have pulled together some of our favorite images for creating a barn wedding that has charm + character and most importantly, captures the essence of your love story.  We love the rustic wood grain paired with a palette of earth tones including tans, browns, creams, camels and grays. And be Explore more rustic wedding ideas on our Wedding Pinterest Board for Rustic Weddings. Also, check out our collection of tonal brown ties and accessories. Our in house wedding specialist picked out her six favorite groomsmen accessories.

Neutral Ties for Barn Weddings

Men’s Textured Tie in Wheat   |   Polka Dot Bow Tie    |   Striped Linen Tie in Walnut

Rustic Bow Tie in Browns   |   Skinny Knit Tie in Coffee    |   Textured Tie in Espresso Brown

July 27, 2015

Meet Fashion Influencer Noah Williams

  • Knit Tie, Denim Shirt and Blazer

We’re thrilled to introduce our New Series of Menswear Influencer Interviews. We’ll be doing interviews with leading menswear bloggers and influencers and asking them about what inspires them, what their favorite fashion pieces are and all sorts of other questions about their phenomenal style.


First up, we have one of our favorite up and coming Menswear Bloggers, Noah Williams! Mr. Williams is a Commercial Photographer / Cinematographer who instantly captured our eye with this dapper menswear looks, his gorgeous fashion layouts and his meticulous attention to aesthetics. Find out what inspires Mr. Williams and what his favorite thing in his wardrobe is. Be sure to check out his Website and his Instagram. We guarantee, he’ll inspire you. He is a master at accessorizing with the knit tie.


Q+A with Noah Williams

Bows-N-Ties: What inspires you?
Noah: “I get inspired by a lot of things. When it comes to menswear I have always loved the classic style of people like JFK, and Kiel James Patrick. On Instagram Phil Cohen(thepacman82) is one person who influences my content a lot”

Bows-N-Ties: Have you always been into menswear?
Noah: “I suppose in a subtle way I have always been picky about what I wore, and have had a favorite shirt. A couple years ago when I started photographing weddings, it sparked an interest in me. I became very interested in why/how certain men could look better in a suit than others. From that point on it became something I was very avidly interested in, and has grown ever since.

Bows-N-Ties: What made you get into photography?
Noah: “From the age of 12-18 I skateboarded everyday. When I was 14 I broke my wrist and had a six month gap in which I could not skateboard. To fill the time I started filming my friends skateboard, and when I was 17 got a DSLR for Christmas. In addition to using it for the video function, I became rather enamored with the art of photography. I took a couple of classes at a local art school at night and before I knew it was booking shoots. After three years, I have been lucky enough to find a job, and career that I look forward to doing each and everyday.”

Bows-N-Ties: What is your favorite article of clothing?
Noah: “Currently my navy suit by J. Lindeburg is a favorite. It is something I can style so many different ways, it is an invaluable part of my wardrobe.”

Ties styled by Noah Williams in order: Striped Navy Knit Tie, Madras Plaid Skinny Tie in Linen, Navy and White Polka Dot Knit Tie, Gray and Navy Knit Tie and Dark Brown Knit Tie.

July 22, 2015

Wedding Colors – Grays + Peaches

Peach + Gray Wedding Inspiration

Peach + Gray are quickly becoming the most coveted color combo ever for Brides and Grooms alike. This effortless color duo is a perfect balance of masculinity and femininity. The juxtaposition of the effervescent peaches and the industrial grays is fashion and style at its very best. We have compiled some breathtaking ideas on our Wedding Color Inspiration – Peach + Gray Pinterest Board. Our wedding stylist has also hand-picked the best groomsmen accessories in peaches and grays for you to shop!

Groomsmen Wedding Ties in Peach

Paisley Peach Tie  |  Striped Bow Tie in Peach    |  Textured Peach Tie

Pin Dot Tie in Gray   |   Herringbone Tie in Gray   |  Pin Stripe Tie in Gray


July 20, 2015

Tweed Jacket + Magenta Herringbone Tie


While still in the midst of Summer, many our our designers are already sending us their latest Autumn collections. One that instantly grabbed out attention is Puccini’s New Autumn Herringbone Ties. While most designers keep their Autumn pieces muted and dark, neckwear designer Puccini surprised us with a fun palette of rich purples, deep pinks, metallic greens, and unique blues.


Ever wonder how to pair 5 different patterns? Our stylist paired Puccini’s Magenta Herringbone Tie with the following purple polka dot pocket square, as well as a thrifted Harris tweed jacket, a glen check vest by J.Crew as well as a bengal striped dress shirt by J.Hillburn.

Your Bows-N-Ties.com Team