March 22, 2017

Wedding Ideas For The Color Biscotti

Ideas for David's Bridal Biscotti Weddings


The most celebrated and requested wedding color palette of 2017 has been -neutrals. This week, our featured wedding color is biscotti which is the new neutral in town.  Biscotti is a high concept color that somehow fuses all the best parts of neutrals into one; it’s part delicate ivories, part rustic tan, part modern gray. We don’t know how biscotti does it, but we do we love it. Biscotti is force to be reckoned with when it is paired with big, bright whites. Take a peek at our Pinterest Board for more Wedding Ideas in Biscotti. Plan a wedding defined by grace with this exquisitely charming neutral. We have created a collection of wedding ties that coordinate with David’s Bridals Biscotti with these just being a few of our favorites.


Wedding Ties in David Bridal's Biscotti


Polka Dot Tie in Biscotti          |          Modern Tie in Biscotti           |          Textured Tie in Biscotti 

 Print Tie in Biscotti           |          Patterned Bow Tie in Biscotti            |        Striped Wedding Tie



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March 20, 2017

Look Of The Week: Modern Menswear


Burgundy and White Hanky


Jacquard Weave Blazer 

White Shirt

Bow Tie

Pocket Square



This season we’re seeing reds everywhere in menswear. Our featured look of the week created by @whatmyboyfriendwore showcases the power of a high-intensity accent color and how it can be a embolden the basics.  Black blazers and white shirts are undisputed perennial favorites by everyone for their unparalleled versatility.  We love them and we particularly love them when they are perfectly accessorized. Don’t pull your proverbial punches when accessorizing a black blazer but rather – go bright, go bold and embrace your individual style.


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March 15, 2017

Wedding Color Inspiration For Bronze

Bronze and Antique White Weddings


Mad for Metallics 

We are utterly in love with the effortlessly glamorous color combo of metallic bronzes and vintage whites and had to share it with you.  It’s a stylish combination of glamour and minimalism that brides everywhere are asking about. Whether you’re metallic obsessed (who isn’t) or just looking to up your elegance quota, bronze brings an unrivaled regality to the party. The pure decadence of bronze pairs brilliantly well with the delicate and soft undertones of antique whites.  Discover more gorgeous metallic wedding ideas by visiting our Pinterest Board for Metallic Weddings.  And below, we have  six of our favorite groom and groomsmen accessories in variety of bronzes.


Groomsmen Ties in Bronze



Bronze Tie         |         Bow Tie in Bronze         |        Woven Silk and Wool Tie

Striped Tie in Bronze         |        Textured Bow Tie       |        Art Deco Bronze Tie


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March 13, 2017

Look Of The Week: British Stripes

Regimental Striped Tie in British Green

Blue Suit

British Striped Tie

White Shirt 

Walnut Brown Belt 



Most Wanted: Regimental Striped Ties

Let your regimental striped ties take the lead role in your style game and you’re sure to hit it out of the park. Our featured Look Of The Week created by @vianneymarn is pure fashion brilliance pairing a chic blue suit with a regimental striped tie in British green. This immaculately curated ensemble is modern, minimalistic and everything we want to wear.  There is something utterly and entirely magnetic about a bright blue suit and a classic striped tie. Shop this look of stand out menswear brands and look your absolute best.


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March 8, 2017

Wedding Inspiration For Forest Green

Forest Green Weddings


All greens aren’t created equal. There is something next level impressive about Forest Green. It is dramatic, extravagant and downright gorgeous. Pick this jewel hued green as your wedding color and pair it with your brightest whites and your darkest navy blues. For added glamour, mix in some regal golds. Forest Green is a wedding color with unequaled elegance, especially for Autumn and Winter weddings. Aim for perfection and make bold choices with your use of forest greens like velvet green high heels, lace bridesmaid dresses and textured groomsmen bow ties. Check out our Pinterest Wedding Board For Forest Green for more beautiful ideas. Our wedding stylist who is massive fan of dark greens shares his top picks for groom and groomsmen accessories.


Wedding Ties in Forest Green


Forest Green Bow Tie        |          Striped Tie in Forest Green             |       Forest Green Tie

Knit Tie in Forest Green          |          Worsted Wool Tie        |        Textured Tie



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