April 24, 2014

New Paisley Print Bow Tie Collection


Bow ties shown (from front to back):
Paisley Bow Tie in Ocean Blue & Purple | Paisley Bow Tie in Navy & Red | Paisley Bow Tie in Teal | Paisley Bow Tie in Navy & Bronze

Bow ties are cool again. Men all over the country are once again rocking these dapper menswear pieces. What was once a wardrobe staple reserved for nerdy college professors and crazy scientists, has now become a signature style piece of tomorrow’s trendsetters. What differentiate the true bow tie expert from the novice tie wearer, however; is the self-tied style – the only acceptable way for the true bow tie aficionado.

Weather you already find yourself amoung the bow tie loving crowed, or are considering to give this look a first try, Cantucci’s new paisley collection might just be perfect for you. Each bow tie is handcrafted from finest Italian silks. The pattern is woven into the fabric – adding nice texture and luxurious thickness to the fabric. And, of course, all of these are self-tied. (For bow tie tying tips, check out our tutorial HERE)

Your Bows-N-Ties.com Team

April 23, 2014

Get This Look – Channing Tatum

A Channing Tatum Style Guide To Follow

Channing Tatum Suit


Blue Suit from Saks Fifth Avenue  Was $895. On Sale For $199.99

Striped Dress Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger – $79.50

Blue Tie from Puccini  -$14.90

One thing is for sure- Channing Tatum knows how to wear a suit!  We love this monochromatic look of a textured slim cut blue suit, a blue and white striped dress shirt and a textured blue tie.  It is masculine, modern and exquisite in its simplicity.  And no one should miss this deal on this blue suit from Saks Fifth Avenue;  we were genuinely elated to find this deal and share it with our readers. This dynamite getup should be a look that every man has in their fashion rotation. All you need is well tailored suit that compliments your structure, a patterned dress shirt and a textured necktie. As much as we love this look in dark blue, we think it also would work really well with charcoals and dark grays.  Tell us what you think of this look!

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April 22, 2014

Featured Wedding Color – Horizon Blue

Expand Your Horizons With A Horizon Blue Hued Wedding

Horizon Blue Wedding Ideas

Horizon Blue is a high definition blue that is remarkably stunning and ideal for saying your “I Do’s.” This naturalistic shade is an ideal color option for Beach Weddings and Outdoor Venues and pairs beautifully with whites, creams, tans, and grays.  We think that whoever made the rules: “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” forgot to mention that it should be something Horizon Blue.  Grooms and Brides can both agree that horizon blue is a sensational color that looks fabulous on everyone.  We recommend having the groomsmen accessorizing in horizon blues that match the blues of the bridesmaid dresses.   A few of our most popular Horizon Blue accessories are featured below.  You can also find more inspiration by checking out our Wedding Inspiration Board for Horizon Blue.


Menswear Accessories In Horizon Blue

Striped Tie in Blues

Horizon Blue Tie

Bow Tie in Horizon Blue

Geometric Patterned Bow Tie in Blues


Your Bows-N-Ties Team

April 18, 2014


April 24th marks the 22nd anniversary of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, the one day of the year when kids are invited to skip school for the daily grind to learn how mom and dad earn a buck.

Walking into the insurance company my father worked for on my first Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, I was intimidated by the sea of professionals dressed in sharp shoulder pads and pleated pantsuits (it was the 80′s). But when I saw a drawing I’d made of my father in a suit and tie displayed in his cubicle, the briefcase he lugged to work each morning a scribble of brown circles in his poorly drawn hand, I began to feel at ease. I realized that today we were matching. We were both dressed in black slacks, white button-up shirts, and matching navy neckties. I even toted a lunchbox disguised as my very own briefcase. I was proud to be invited into his world, to see that he was respected and well liked, and that success, however you define it, is attainable.

Over the last few days we have received lots of requests for matching father & son neckties to be worn on next week’s “Bring your Kid to Work Day”. This inspired us to write this article, and we’ve compiled a list of six Take Your Kid To Work rules that every parent should follow.



Tip #1: Find out what line of work your child is interested in, and don’t be offended if it’s not yours. Maybe you sell Real Estate, but your child expresses an interest in architecture. Let him or her flip through floor plans of houses that are on the market, and have them draw their own.

Tip #2: Dress the part. Nothing makes a kid feel more grown up than dressing in his parent’s clothes. Matching neckties and button-ups are a simple way for your child to look and feel the part.

Tip #3: Have a plan and bring back-up. Some companies may already have a program in place for TOSDTWD, but if that’s not the case it’s important to get permission ahead of time and make an agenda. And let’s be real – you’ve probably got a lot to do, and a kid’s attention span is only so long. Get their schoolwork from their teachers the day before and set aside some mutual work time.

Tip #4: Don’t Scold them in public. One year my dad took both my brother and I on an appointment with him to an elderly couple’s house. My little brother pointed at a photo of a girl on the couple’s mantel and shouted, “Who’s the lady? She’s ugly!” To which the elderly woman replied, “That’s our daughter. She passed away last year.” Needless to say, my dad was horrified and apologized to the couple, but he waited until we were in the car to tell my brother what a bonehead move that was. Even if your child does something wrong, it’s never a good idea to reprimand them in front of your co-workers or customers. Leave them with positive feelings about the day and save the scolding for later.

Tip #5: Don’t loose them! One minute you’re on a phone meeting with an important client, the next you’re on the phone with building security. If you have something important to do, don’t pawn your kid off on your co-workers. They’re not your babysitters.

Tip #6: Don’t talk badly about your co-workers in front of them. Kids WILL repeat it. “Are you mommy’s boss? She says you’re a liar” will not score you points around the office.

April 17, 2014

Textured Skinny Madras Collection

New Skinny Madras Available in: LIGHT BLUE | LIME GREEN | PINK

Designer BlackBird has done it again! They have pleasantly surprised us last week when we received their latest textured madras collection. The designer paired a silk and linen Jacquard weave with bold colors – arranged with a contemporary madras plaid. Picture these paired with your beige or tan summer suit, white shirt, and a colorful pocket square in your breast pocket – we bet that you will be the best dressed man at the party. Like these ties? Then you will also like this recently featured Bold Colored Madras Ties by BlackBird.

Each tie is handmade using only the finest fabric weaves. The designer paired 100% silk with fine linen to create this texturd look. Fabric was woven in Como, Italy by high-end fabric mill BBC Jacquard

And because we like this collection so much, we played around a bit while taking these pictures for you.

Your Bows-N-Ties.com Team