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Scarves by Season

All our Scarves are handmade from 100% natural silk. They are light weight, breathable, but nevertheless quite warming in colder weather. We carry our silk scarves in two different style: a thinner and more airy 100% scarf in pure silk twill on both sides, as well as a slightly warmer/thicker scarf made from silk twill on one side (the side with the design), as well as a solid color on the other side made from fine wool/silk blend.

Ways to Wear your Scarf

Most men wrap the silk scarf once around the neck and let the ends hang loose without tying them together – a look that is elegant, sleek, and functional. Others prefer to wrap the scarf around twice and then tug the ends in between over-coat and suit jacket – a perfect and sophisticated look that adds additional warmth on colder days. Others once again prefer to lay the scarf over each shoulder without wrapping it around the neck. This is the look that is most commonly seen on opera scarves worn with formal tuxedo jacket.

Finding Your Scarf Style

Choose a scarf that appeals to you, your wardrobe, and your personality. If you are looking for something more traditional and slightly conservative then dark shades of red and maroon, as well as classic patterns, such as paisleys, are excellent choices. Should you be looking for a more modern and trendy look, then solid colored silk scarves are excellent. Best are solid colored scarves that have a rich fabric texture such as a fine ribbed pattern, herringbone checks, as well as a Birdseye fabric weave – all adding nice texture and intricate detail to your ensemble. Want a formal scarf to add to your dressiest of evening attire? Then a charcoal or black scarf with subtle pattern or solids are best.