Men’s Ties in Violet Stone

Did you choose dresses by J.Crew in violet stone color and need coordinating men's ties? Then here are some excellent choices. To ensure the ties will coordinate to the dresses, we compared each tie to the actual violet stone fabric swatch.

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More Men's Ties in Gray, Pewter, and SilverViolet Stone is shade of gray with a purple/violet undertone. It is a perfect description for this color! Other suitable names for this shade are purple-taupe, or dusty eggplant. Regardless of this color's name, we took the guesswork out of finding matching wedding ties and compared over a hundred purple and gray ties to the actual Violet Stone fabric swatch. Not happy with these suggestions? Then please browse through 200+ ties in purple as well as gray ties. We carry a wide assortment of different designs, skinny width, different fabrics, and more.Inspiration to Pair “Violet Stone” with Other ColorsThere are many nice choices! We like pastel tones the most in combination with the color violet stone. Shades such as J.Crew's “wave crest”, “violet dust”, and “soft lavender” look excellent. Also great are light shades of yellow, and always a winner is pairing violet stone with off whites and ivory. We also recommend considering playing with different fabric choices. Accenting violet stone with a silk chiffon in light lavender or rose is a perfect example.