Wedding Ties in “Champagne”

Looking for wedding neckwear that complement your “Champagne” colored bridesmaids dresses? Below are neckties and bow ties that will be a perfect fit. We paired each tie to the actual “Champagne” fabric swatch by this retailer. Finding the perfect ties for groom and groomsmen couldn't be easier!

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More Ties in Cream, Ivory, & ChampagneEach tie above was handpicked from our collection of 3,000+ ties. We spend hours finding the perfect “Champagne” tie collection so you don't have to. Should you not like any of our Champagne colored ties above then you may also have a look at all our Cream, Ivory & Champagne Ties – a collection of over 200 ties ranging from a very light Swiss-coffee white to a darker oatmeal brown.Best Complimenting Colors to bridal color “Champagne”Looking for complimenting accent colors to “Champagne”? Be it on the ties or on smaller accent accessories such as handkerchiefs or boutonnieres, adding a contrasting color to “Champagne” will add a more interesting and sophisticated look. Best are warmer colors that set a contrast to the light Champagne. If you want to stay in the brown color family then we suggest dark browns such as mocha, chocolate, and cocoa. Want to add some more color? Then a darker orange such as tangerine, persimmon, or burnt orange would be perfect. Still not enough color? Then other great complimenting colors to “Champagne” are hot pinks, fuchsia, eggplant, and magenta. Please scroll down to see all our ties sorted to complement this retailers wedding colors.